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Welcome to my antique hit and miss engine pages, the result of over twenty five years of photography and web-writing production. Over this period, my engine collecting included: Aermotor Pump Engine, Associated Hit and Miss Engine, Baker Monitor Pump Engine, Alpha DeLaval Milking Machine Engines, Eclipse Pump Engine, Fairbanks Morse, Fuller and Johnson, Gilson, Gray Motor Marine Engine, International Harvester, Ideal, Jaeger and Novo Cement Mixer Engines, Field Brundage, Briggs and Stratton Engines, Johnson Utilimotor, Maytag Engine, Witte and many others.

Travel through this site to explore the world of Antique Gas and Steam Engine Collectors, learn about abrasive blasting, repairing magnetos, buy engines and parts, or join us in the Smokstak Antique Engine Forum. Engine shows are represented from the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest and Midwest. Audio recordings are available for some of my hit and miss engines and from the shows in Idaho and Washington. There are hundreds of engine photos, and many links.

My old John Deere GP that was found barn fresh on our first farm at Tug Hill Road in Oswego, NY. Photo taken in the summer of 1970  My first Antique Engine is a 5 horse power throttle governed Witte found in Oswego County. You can hear the engine running on this page! Now 52 years ago! A country farm was a great first home for a young couple, but hard to find in today's economy.

My Old Engines:

Click here to see my personal hit and miss engine collection, which all started in 1995 after I went to the Pageant of Steam engine show at Canandaigua, New York. I was only there for an hour or two, but the old engine BUG bit - big time!

Engine Shows:

These are the shows that we visited, generating even more interest for us in antique engine collecting, starting with the Canandaigua engine show. The hardware and the people involved were obviously of our liking.

Engine Restoration:

Abrasives: Collecting rusty iron created a need for a method of rust removal and preparing items for fresh paint. This is my story about selecting abrasive blasting equipment for engine restoration.
Belts and Pulleys: The transmission of motion and power between shafts that are some distance apart may be effected by belts, ropes, or chains running over suitable pulleys. (two pages)
Classified Ads: The FIRST and OLDEST and LARGEST classified ad board on the internet dedicated to antique engines! Over 100,000 ads have been posted on the main engine board!
Engine Bookstore: Here's a selection of new books on all types of steam and gas engines, antique tractors and traction engines, old tractors, marine engines, and books on shop equipment.
Engine Troubles: Everything you've wanted to know about running and repairing old engines and then some, as written in the textbook of their time, 1907.
Gas Engine Articles: These are the articles that we published in Gas Engine Magazine from the Smokstak Bulletin Boards. This is a good place for beginners to read some of our hints and kinks of gas engine collecting.
Ignitions: It seems like most every old engine has a magneto or a buzz coil and more than likely there's a problem with it. Since electronics was my life long work, I wrote up these pages of information about the subject.
Old Engine Engravings: Here are several electronically processed engravings of stationary engines in use in the 1890's.
Power Gas Producers: The principles of gas engines and gas producer design, the selection and installation of an engine, conditions of perfect operation, producer gas engines and their possibilities, the care of gas engines and producer gas plants, with a chapter on volatile hydrocarbon and oil engines.
Out on the trail: Visit an old Fairbanks Morse Power Plant at Delta, Colorado and then Jeep up to the Telluride Hydro Plant and look at photos of old mining towns. Get an inside tour of the Ouray Hydro Plant and the Ames Hydro Station. Visit an Old Factory Power House in Nunda, New York.

Antique Engine Forums:

SmokStak: A conversational bulletin board about antique engines and the machinery that was used with them. Over 1,255,000 posts on 148,000 threads for 88,300 users are available on this web site! See below for current topics.

SprkArcs: A conversational bulletin board about antique electrical power generators, gensets and old electric motors.
Suppliers: Parts, materials and services related to Internal Combustion Gasoline Engines and Steam Engines. When you order, tell them where you saw their ad!
Web Server: Harry's Old Engine and EnginAds has grown to the point that a dedicated web server was required to handle the traffic flow. was created to serve this need.
About Harry: The fellow who put this entire mess together.
Site Search: Look for information about your favorite engine model or manufacturer, or key words about a particular engine subject.

There's a WHOLE LOT more to this site so click and cruise around!
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