Cottonwood, Arizona
Arizona Flywheelers

Arizona Flywheelers' 14th Annual Antique Engine Show at the County Fairgrounds with gas Engines, tractors, model trains and steam engines.

Fairbanks Morse 10HP Z
Ed Noli with a 10 HP Fairbanks Morse Z running nicely.
Adjusting the ignitor arm 25HP Foos Winch
Don Robertson starting a 25HP Foos Hoisting Winch The Foos Workings

Don operates the Gold King Mine at the old mining town of Jerome up on the mountain side above Cottonwood. In the right hand photo, he is adjusting the ignitor linkage.

2-1/2 HP Famous
An IHC Famous graces a trailer for those who admire.

Model engines inside
Table after table of model steam engines, hot air engines, and gas engines. Also, model airplanes, and two different model train setups from the Sedona Railroaders were inside the building. Quilting displays were shown too.

Walking Beam Steam Engine

The show was originally held at the home of Graydon Gaudy, but in the last couple of years, the show has become so popular that it outgrew that location and it was moved to the County Fairgrounds.

The purpose of this club is to promote, preserve, and maintain early examples of gas engines, tractors and miscellaneous related farm and mining equipment of ancient age and historical value, as well as models, devices, toys, or other unusual equipment, and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information concerning such items for the benefit of the members and the general public.

The club president is Jim Mager and the show chairman is Gene DeCamp.

Arizona Flywheelers
P.O. Box 2012
Cottonwood, AZ 86326


The Cottonwood, Arizona show, put on by the Arizona Flywheelers, has a reputation throughout the west as being a nice event. This year (2001), in conjunction with their Sixteenth Annual Show, the Flywheelers will be host to the First Southwest Regional Hot Air Engine Meet. The hot air section is being organized by Buster Brown and Lowell Wagner.

These boys have been hard at work lining up exhibitors and at this time are saying that this will probably be the largest gathering of hot air engines that the world has ever seen. There will be exhibitors from all over the U.S. and from the U.K. It's also been rumored that there might be some engines from one or two impressive collections for sale.

Contacts are Buster Brown (520) 376-6823 and Lowell Wagner (505) 281-1624. Buster has set up a web page for more info:



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