Arizona E.D.G.E.&T.A. March Show
Tractors in the desert

Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association (EDGETA) March show in the desert of the Superstition Mountains. Antique gas engines and tractors on display!

The Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association was founded in 1979. It is a non-profit, incorporated organization, which started with thirteen members and now has grown to over 350 family memberships.

Members share a common interest inrestoring engines, tractors, and related equipment from the turn of the century. this type of collecting and restoration has become increasingly popular in all parts of the country where clubs have been formed and good publications are dedicated to the preservation of our mechanical heritage.


Many old pieces of farm equipment have been rescued from the junk pile, only to appear in one of our shows restored to its original condition. In most cases, the restoration is made difficult by years of rust and neglect. Often, parts must be located or made and many hours of careful work are necessary before the final coat of paint is dry. The restorer is rewarded by the feeling of pride when the engine is started and the old iron "comes to life" again.

Some members remember using steel wheeled tractors to plow a field or run a threshing machine. Others recall using a stationary engine to grind corn, pump water or power a buzz saw. The old Maytag gas engine washing machine was fired up every Monday morning for wash day and some remember helping Mom keep it running until the job was done.


A family oriented organization, the Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association plans activities for all ages. We want to preserve some of our heritage by passing the interest down to the younger generations. Several times a year the Club sponsors a tractor pull and engine display where everyone meets with equipment, tractors and engines to "show off" their fine collections. Antique tractors are pulled for percentage and some classics are pulled for exhibition. In addition to the tractor pulls and engine displays, there are contests with the equipment, silent auctions, demonstrations of early farming, threshing and hay bailing, craft shows, hayrides, pedal tractors and other activities for the kids.

Oil Field Engine

The year begins in September with a business meeting and pot luck dinner. New members are introduced and stories of the latest finds are swapped. Meetings occur on the average of once a month from September through May. We are invited to participate in parades, the Livestock Show, Pima County Fair and sponsor 3, 2 day shows a year.

We publish a monthly Newsletter to keep the members informed about Club events and activities. These Newsletters may contain an interesting article on one of the members experiences with the use of a tractor or engine from the past, pictures from an event, and / or items for sale. Members are encouraged to contribute articles to share with others.

Samson Rock Crusher

We invite you to join the Club if you have an interest in preserving a bit of our mechanical history. If you don't have an old engine or tractor but would like to own one, knowing some of the Club members may be the easiest way to start your collection.

Annual dues are only $25.00 a year for either individual or family memberships. The only qualification for membership is an interest in history and collection of old machinery. If you are interested in joining the Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, please contact the Association at:

Az Early Day Gas Engine
& Tractor Association
P.O. Box 56386
Phoenix, AZ 85079



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