Harry's OLD-ENGINE #25

The Alpha DeLaval Dairy Power Plant

The Alpha Senior Dairy Power Plant develops 1-1/2 or 2-1/2 horse power depending on the speed at which it is run and will operate from one to six milker units. Like the Alpha Junior Dairy Power Plant it is designed and built on automotive principles and is a smoothly powerful, economical and dependable source of power for dairy equipment, such as cream separators, churns, lighting plants, etc. It has a built-in water heater which, while the engine is being run for milking, heats 4-1/2 gallons of water for washing the milker and other utensils.

Alpha Senior Dairy Power Plant Model VW Engine made by Lauson

The Alpha Senior Dairy Power Plant is equipped with a built-in automatic governor control, counter balanced crankshaft mounted on roller bearings, plunger type oil pump, aluminum alloy piston, mechanically operated overhead valves, oil gauge, and a Hutto-ground cylinder. It has a rotary driven Wico Magneto which offers the most efficient and dependable ignition.

Because of its easy starting and dependability the Alpha Senior Dairy Power Plant is a pleasure to operate, and because of its advanced design and careful construction if is extremely economical. Hundreds of Alpha Dairy Power Plants are in use giving the greatest satisfaction on farms in every part of the country.

More photos!

Photos of the restoration in progress:

As Found - No WAY could it have run!
Open the Block - on the bench it goes.
Sure enough - What a mess!
Model T FORD connecting rod!
Needs new felt Oil Seal - gears clean.
The restored carb - new throttle plate.
Base and oiling system complete.
Wico B1 Base - Ugh! Pot Metal!
Coffin mag top cover and brass tag.
Wico B1 Points - Condensor connection.
Wico B1 Top - Condensor and Points.
Wico B1 Inside - pipe cleaner oil wicks.
Paint Color - Mixed by Sherwin Williams.
The Brass Tag
Getting closer to completion.
The pump is missing the oil filling assembly.
Start work on the vacuum pump.
Help me find this missing gear!
Vacuum Regulator internals.
Gauge and Regulator end view.
Finished engine end view.
Pulley and clutch mechanism.


Alpha DeLaval model VW

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